Choosing the Right Laundry Baskets: A Guide for B2B Establishments

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Maintaining separate laundry baskets for clean and dirty linens is important to help reduce the spread of infections Photo by Pexels

Choosing a laundry basket may seem like one of the more mundane aspects of running a successful establishment but this seemingly commonplace item is an essential component in the maintenance of sanitary conditions for your business. 

For B2B establishments that deal with a large volume of linens and garments on a daily basis, it’s important to invest in the right laundry carts. Giving due thought to this business purchase can go a long way in enabling you to maximize efficiency and deliver quality service.

Aside from your unique budgetary considerations, there are a few primary parameters to think about when selecting laundry baskets for your business. Most of these criteria pertain to ease of use and hygiene compatibility. 

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laundry Basket for Your Business

Here are 8 factors to bear in mind when you’re choosing laundry baskets for your business.

1. Material

Choosing a laundry basket with the right material can impact efficiency as well as hygiene. It’s important to find a material that is known for its longevity while also being light and easy to maneuver for staff. There are a few popular options for materials, and each has its own set of advantages for your business.


Laundry baskets made using plastic are quite durable and easy to maintain over time. Choosing a lightweight material makes it easy for staff to store and move laundry baskets with ease. Plastic laundry carts are also customizable, since they are available in an array of designs and colors, which can be useful for branding or sorting purposes.


These laundry carts are usually constructed with metal or wire, with a removable fabric body hugging the frame. While such laundry baskets are sturdy and spacious, some models can also be packed up for compact storage, when not in use. Another benefit with fabric laundry baskets is that they can be washed conveniently, making them a hygienic choice.

2. Infection Prevention

While handling soiled linens and garments, care must be taken to reduce any chances of cross-contamination. Ensuring that your establishment’s laundry carts have proper ventilation is one such necessary measure in preventing foul odors and the production of infection causing bacteria. 

For laundry carts that transport soiled linens, a well-fitted utility cart cover can play a vital role in inhibiting the growth of harmful microbes. These are important factors to consider when picking out designs and materials for laundry carts at your establishment.

3. Color-Coding and Labeling

Color-coding your laundry baskets is another effective way to reduce the spread of infections and to maintain hygiene standards. This can be achieved simply by designating different colors to carts meant for clean and dirty laundry. 

Using colors or labels is also a practical way to ensure the cyclical disinfection and cleaning of laundry baskets. Choosing your laundry carts with this feature in mind can promote the maintenance of sanitary equipment and safe workplace practices.

4. Size and Capacity

A critical criteria for choosing laundry carts for your business is their holding capacity. So, consider the volume of linens and garments at your establishment before deciding on the size of your laundry baskets. This parameter will impact the speed and efficiency of staff members, who can make smoother collection rounds with a bigger laundry cart.

Larger carts also enable a proper estimate of the volume of linens being cleaned, prompting a more judicious use of cleaning agents and water.

5. Mobility 

Transporting large volumes of linens from place to place can be simple if your laundry carts are easy to maneuver. When choosing laundry baskets, you must account for not only the design of the cart, but also the specifications of your establishment. For instance, it would be counterintuitive to invest in a large laundry basket that doesn’t even fit through frequently accessed hallways. 

Similarly, check that your floors offer the right degree of friction to the wheels of the laundry carts and look for ergonomic handles for easy control. All in all, investing in easily maneuverable laundry baskets will enable your staff to perform their duties with greater efficiency and speed.

6. Sanitary Design

Some businesses may find it useful to choose laundry baskets that are already fitted with compartments for categorizing garments. By sorting linens at the collection stage, the entire process becomes streamlined and efficient. This also reduces chances of mixing clean with dirty linens, ensuring better hygiene standards for your establishment.

7. Storage and Ease of Access

The physical space you operate out of will play a deciding role in determining which laundry baskets you get. If you own a small establishment with limited storage space, look for stackable design functions in your laundry carts to store them vertically. 

You can also invest in collapsible laundry baskets that can be packed away in narrow compartments. Such design features are great for the optimization of limited space without compromising on necessary functions.

8. Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial laundry baskets are a long-term investment. This is why it’s important to survey the guidelines for repairs and maintenance when purchasing units for your business. 

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to opt for simple designs with minimal attachments or fixtures. This will reduce the chances of dealing with missing parts that could curtail functioning and make long-term maintenance difficult.

Unleashing Efficiency

Compact laundry baskets that are easy to maneuver enable greater efficiency
Photo by Pexels

While all businesses operate at varying scales, picking the right laundry basket is crucial to fulfilling the overarching goal of hygienic service. However, choosing the right laundry equipment also has an equally important bearing on efficiency at your establishment. 

After all, excellence emerges unhindered in a safe and sanitary environment. Although the volume of linens may differ across businesses, these parameters can begin to serve as a steady framework for you to pick the right laundry baskets.

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