Top Trends in the Car Wash Industry That Investors Need to Know

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The professional car wash industry has been enjoying steady growth throughout the years. Thanks to innovative technologies and systems, more and more consumers continue to ditch their old mops and buckets for more efficient and effective car washing. 

With new car wash trends coming out each day, investors who want to diversify their portfolios need to be at the forefront of these developments to grow their businesses. So whether you’re a neophyte or a seasoned capitalist, here are six trends you need to watch out for:

  • Sonar Technology 

Just as new phones and TVs are being developed, state-of-the-art carwash technologies are being made. As such, investors need to keep a close eye on these emerging trends. Many of them can lead to more efficient washing times, which means more customers, and therefore, higher profits. 

Sonar technology, for one, can enhance the carwash experience in many ways. It can sense the car’s size and shape, allowing it to choose the right equipment for the vehicle. The brush, for example, can be adjusted accordingly to make sure that hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned. 

Sonar technology also helps the machine determine the right amount of soap and other chemicals to be used. This is especially important for trucks with beds, as soap and water can pool there. By investing in sonar technology, car wash companies can prevent wastage and save money along the way.

  • Steam Car Wash

Many clients are concerned with the amount of water being used in car washes. While new technologies, such as sonar, can help minimize use, investors may also want to take a look at steam car washing technology.

As the name suggests, this uses steam and high temperatures to clean the vehicle. Because it doesn’t use much water or cleaning chemicals, it’s sure to appeal to environmentally conscious customers who don’t mind spending more to do their part for the planet.

  • Ceramic Chemical Application

Ceramic treatment prevents water from beading and pooling on a car’s surface, keeping it flawless. However, applying this treatment often means waiting for several hours, which many busy clients don’t have the luxury to do.

The good news is investors can grow their profits by offering this desirable service without the usual time commitment. Newer technologies allow this treatment to be incorporated with the routine carwash service! 

This ceramic treatment upgrade uses simplified silicon dioxide, which, when applied, displaces water from the surface faster. It also has a self-cleaning effect, which prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the surface. The effect lasts for approximately a month, and it can give any car the shine that hand waxing provides. 

The add-on service usually costs around $4, which is a price many clients won’t mind paying. With this specialized treatment, companies can raise their revenue per customer by more than $1. 

  • Sensor-Detector Technology

Equipment downtime can lead to a huge loss of profits. So apart from regular inspections, investors should focus on sensor technologies that can detect problems before they worsen.

Sensors are designed to help monitor equipment right out of the control system. They make sure that everything is running smoothly. Should they detect an issue, they will let the staff know before it becomes an irreparable problem. 

In a nutshell, investing in automated detector technologies will help reduce downtime and maintain productivity (if not improve it.)

  • Fleet Washing

Rental car companies, taxi companies, bus companies, and even the local police department need to keep their fleet clean. And, given their huge inventory, they need a service that will clean their vehicles with minimal downtime.

That’s why investors need to consider focusing on fleet washing services. This means providing such companies with durable yet eco-friendly technologies that are specific to their needs. Buses, for one, can’t fit in usual car wash stations, which is why they need a service that comes with the additional equipment needed, such as guide rails, blowers, and activation systems.

By addressing the unique demand for fleet washing services, investors can make top money from a niche with few competitors.

  • Loyalty Programs

Almost every store has a loyalty program, and for good reason. It works! 

According to Forbes, loyalty programs do more than just entice clients with perks and benefits. They foster an emotional connection, which, according to research, drives 78% of customers to do repeat business with the brand. 

Again, investors can take advantage of this trend. Loyalty programs can give clients points per minimum spend, which they can redeem for free car washes, discounts, or other services in the future. More often than not, this will motivate clients to come back and spend their money on your carwash and car wash alone.

The top trends in the car wash industry make investing in it a profitable venture. So if you want to make good money with this type of business, then be sure to stay on top of these trends. You’ll be surprised by the gains you’ll make!

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